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Find the best Private Money Lenders

Private money loans are actually a wonderful investment tool that a person could get and invest in real estate. This is perfect if conventional loans are not available or the least suitable option at the moment. There are several recommendations on where you can find the best private money lending like mortgage consultant, investment clubs, internet, real estate seminars, family members, lawyers, financial advisors, accountants, CPAs and the likes.

Generally, private money lenders are hedge funds, private individuals, portfolio lenders, agents of REO or bank owned properties, institutional investors or a friend or family member that you might know personally. Private money investors will be lending you money on short term along with high interest and upfront fees. The points may range from 4 to 10 and these private investors are focused on the equity of the property more than your credit. In case that you can prove that there is good equity and that you have a strong strategy to repay them, you won’t have any problems in finding private money lenders to help you out. Read private money lending guide to get more knowledge.

In this tight financial market that we’re experiencing, it may make sense to look for a private money investor. Besides, why would you opt to lose an investment opportunity just because you can’t acquire it through conventional financing? With a private money or hard money loan, you will be able to get it as short term loan. There are numerous investors who actually consider this kind of loan because it lets them to have money fast and therefore, preventing any probabilities for losing profits similar to real estate foreclosure auction opportunity, pre-foreclosure and the likes. And even if buyers/investors qualify for the traditional long term loan or financing, it could take them long enough to get and at the same time, the deal could be lost when you have the traditional loan after 30 to 45 days.

Private transactions compared to the commercial transactions aren’t regulated either by the federal or state laws. With this being said, private money lenders could decide a lot faster. Every individual money lender might have different policies that they follow like verifying references, checking credit or verifying employment. Then again, most of the private lenders are focused more on how fast you can repay them and whether or not the property has equity. Check out also fix and flip funding for additional tips.

One thing that you must not forget is to have a list of your prospective money lender so you can reach out to them easily when you find a property.

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